The Microfluidics Association promotes the development of the Microfluidics Industry supply chain and positively influences the growth and prosperity of its members.

The Microfluidics Association (MFA) exists to encourage the development, coordination, and dissemination of engineering knowledge as well as market and technical information on microfluidics. It provides industry stewardship and engages industrial, academic and government stakeholders to advance the interests of the global Microfluidics Industry Supply Chain.

Why should you become a member?

We offer our members the opportunity to participate in the discussions about the MFA guidelines and the standards to be developed. Our members can learn from the best practices of the other members. And, of course, our workshops offer great opportunities to network and develop new relations in this industry.

You are invite to become a member, to the workshops of the Microfluidic Association for a reduced fee and receive our future white papers for free. Click below.


The MFA has taken the initiative to relaunch the ISO/AWI 22916 group: Laboratory equipment — Interoperability of microfluidic devices. The group is aiming to facilitate the process of designing new microfluidic devices (microfluidic chips, sensors, actuators, connectors etc.) by defining requirements for the seamless integration with other microfluidic components and systems. For this we are aiming at the topics: Flowcontrol, Interfacing, Modularity and testing. For this we are using the basis the MFA laid as described in our freely available white paper, complemented by the results of the discussions between stakeholders during our workshop.

Who we are and what we will do for you

The Microfluidics Association is founded by a group of organizations working in the field of microfluidics. The Association brings interested parties together to initiate and follow up actions to promote the microfluidic industry. We have published a number of guidelines for microfluidics design and fabrication. We are developing more elaborate guidelines and standards during our workshops and in the MFA supported ISO group.


Leakage Testing of Microfluidic Based Products
We just finished a very successful webinar with a record number of attendees, so we have high hopes we keep on increasing the number of attendees of our webinars, especially while our next webinar addresses a hot topic in microfluidics: 3D Printed Microfluidics: Current challenges and future outlook Agenda of the webinar: I.Opening and general introduction, Darwin Reyes(Chair of the Microfluidics Association) II.Introduction to the various 3D Printing Technologies II.Current capabilities and drawbacks, Pranav Soman, (CEO, 3D Microfluidics LLC) III.Common technical/operational challenges: switching from traditional microfluidics to the 3D printed…
Reliability and testing for microfluidic.


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  • Holger Becker, microfluidic ChipShop, Germany
  • Marko Blom, Micronit, the Netherlands
  • John Crabtree, HJC Consulting, Canada
  • Henne van Heeren, enablingMNT, the Netherlands
  • Serge Renouard, Fluigent, France
  • Darwin Reyes, NIST, USA
  • Peter van Stiphout, Bionchip, the Netherlands
  • Nicolas Verplanck, CEA-LETI, France
  • Nan Zang, University College Dublin, Ireland

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